Self Construct Self-Portrait Series

There is a barrier that exists in between an artist's work and the audience who receives it. Behind it's physical manifestation lies its meaning, often a deeply personal subject to the artist. Depending on how direct their message can be interpreted, it is a means for the artist to protect themselves while still being vulnerable. Sometimes this barrier can be played with, purposely or intentionally. However when the message is left more vague it can confuse the viewer or if too direct can bore the viewer. It feels as if the more vague, the more protective you are, and the less vague, the more vulnerable you are to criticism. I often feel torn between this barrier.

In this self portrait series, I played with this ambivalence. Wearing bright orange, construction worker's clothing, while blending in with my environment. The clothes are not what I would normally wear, and clash with my desire to be neutral in most environments. As a person who prefers to be behind the camera, this series challenged me press against the barrier, to embrace my discomfort, and to add humour and lightheartedness to the photographs.

Featured in LooseLeaf Magazine Volume 7 Online Edition
Guest Artist Speaker for LooseLeaf Magazine Volume 7 & 8 Launch Event
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