Chicken and Noodles: A Portrait of My Father (2019)

Duration: 13 minutes

Chicken and Noodles: A Portrait of My Father is a single channel documentary about Larissa Yeung’s father, Yik-Cheung Yeung. The film focuses on his chicken and farming hobby, his job at a chicken processing facility, and a noodle factory. What was once a necessity for living is now a leisurely hobby: the fruits of his labour have grown into independence and financial freedom. As an ode to family and an intimate look into the immigrant experience from an individual’s perspective, this film is an effort to document personal history and better understand diasporic identity as it exists within generations.

Xpace Social Screening on September 7th, 2021 on ZOOM
Xpace Cultural Centre’s External Space from September 4 – October 22, 2019
Essay written by Philip Leonard Ocampo
OCAD University’s GradEx 104 from May 1 - 5, 2019

I Know How It Feels (2018)

Directed and edited by Larissa Yeung
Song by Jogee with a G (José Santos)

Stills from video.
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