Stills from video documentation

Portal: Exploration of Space and Time

In collaboration with Nima Salimi

Portal, is a piece which plays with the concepts of time and space, and the effects it has left on humanity.

As human advancements progress, our sense of time and space has grown, allowing us to have longer lifespans, opportunities for leisure, or in a sense— more time. However these advancements have created environmental, ethical, and moral questions. From GMOs, designer babies, to internet privacy. Are these issues only inevitable? How can we unite an ever changing globalized diaspora?

Portal acts as possible future utopia, frozen physically, yet moving with sound. Ultimately this human desire to extend time is linked with our desire to preserve our existence through our creations and our relationship with them. Using a refrigerator and a soundscape to create a multidimensional atmosphere, the fridge represents our desire to preserve. While we may be able to extend time, it is only inevitable for these foods to decompose. Time continues passing, which is represented with the soundscape which blends technologies allowing us to instantly transport ourselves into different spaces which may exist one day.

University of Toronto, Matrix of Mobility Online Exhibition
I Blink My Eyes to Keep the Time Exhibition
THE SIX HUNDRED Online and Print Publication for Artists and Writers Article
TheSixHundred: I Blink My Eyes to Keep the Time Catalog

Image documentation of exhibition at Beaver Hall Gallery

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